“Changing the world one Heart at a time”


To positively touch lives through caring and to re-establish hope when it is lost.

To create, teach and grow a Culture of greater awareness in all areas of life.

To assist Individuals in becoming who they want and can be.

We are a Culture that establishes a foundation to accomplish ones dreams, and to live the life they’ve always desired to live. To create a Path within this Culture that will be a Lantern that lights their Journey every step of the way, and in each step of the way, and in each day of this Journey, to be Thankful for all things.


We are proud to partner with ViSalus, a company dedicated to transforming Life, Health, and Prosperity around the world. Vi Stands for:

LIFE Creating lasting memories and life  experiences through the power of  community and relationships.
HEALTH Creating physical transformations  through the right products, programs,  and support.
PROSPERITY Creating financial transformations  through entrepreneurship, leadership,  and contribution.


We’ve put our extensive research and expertise to work in order to answer one of the nutrition and weight management world’s great mysteries: Why do some diets or meal programs work for some people, but not for others?

It turns out in many cases, that it wasn’t the individual who failed, but rather the diet that failed the individual. No one diet works for everyone, because we all have different body types, with different metabolisms.

Knowing what body type you are, and understanding why, will allow you to work WITH your body; not against it. This will help you better establish and maintain your health and longevity.

Learn more about how to identify your Body Type, and about the Vi products behind over 3 million health transformations worldwide.

Body Type Guide

Vi Product Guide


The pathway to prosperity begins when we help each other achieve our dreams.

Where do you want to be financially in the next few years? If you have goals that you and your loved ones have not yet achieved, we want to take your hand and help you achieve them like we have already done for so many others.

Benefit from over 25 years of industry leading experience, and take this opportunity to marry technology with culture to create a viral market.

Success is being in the right place, at the right time, and being prepared.

We’re ready for you. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

So why not try?